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Ready to glow from within? You’ve come to the right place. Each of these packages were meticulously designed to help you achieve your most beautiful glowing self.  Click below to view more information about each package!


Over $1200 in savings 

This is the ultimate package! Designed to help get you to your best self using full facial balancing.

Full facial balancing means to assess and address ALL areas of the face, not just one. In doing this, your entire appearance is refreshed, natural and beautiful. This is best done using a combination of modalities. 
  • Filler to 2-3 areas - think cheeks, chin, lips etc. 
  • Signature PDO thread package to lift and tighten your full face. 

And your choice of either

  • 2 rounds of sculptra - a biostimulator to increase collagen, skin thickness and quality and overall glowing skin. 
  • Swap out the Signature PDO package for the Ultimate PDO thread package and lift not only your full face but your neck as well.



Over $625 in savings 

We don’t like the “J” word (Jowls!) 

Heaviness around the lower face occurs due to a combination of collagen loss and skin laxity combined with shrinking So we fill what needs to be filled. And lift what needs to be lifted, yielding the most beautiful and natural results. 

PDO threads are used to lift and reposition the fat pads in your mid and lower face to restore skin tightness, restore volume back where it should be and give you back the youthful inverted triangle shape. This in combination with filler wherein we can restore needed volume to areas that need more improvement will look just beautiful. 

This package combines:
Our Signature Thread Lift
Filler in 2-3 areas



Savings of $250

Cheeks and lips will always be BFF’s. So let's do both! 

Cheeks can do so much for your overall profile. They can add contour, help slim the face, support the crows feet and under eyes, lift smile lines and improve jowling. Lips also improve your overall profile, add hydration and support. 

This package includes:
  • Filler to your midface and cheeks 
  • Filler for your lips



Over $800 in savings 

Strong glowing skin? I’ll take 2! 

Sculptra is a biostimulator that produces a proud increase in collagen, overall skin strength and thickness. Sculptra is also known for leaving the skin gloriously glowy and smooth. We take that and cocktail it together with your own platelet rich fibrin (PRF) - think stem cells, to create a super powered treatment that will leave your skin looking like you really did turn back time. 

This package combines 2 rounds of:
  • Sculptra cocktailed with PRF



Over $125 in savings 

Want perfect lips? This is how its done. 

We’ll add volume and hydration to your lips with an HA dermal filler. Followed by, collagen stimulating threads to support and define the lip border (bye bye lip lines!) and tox for a little flip! 

This package includes:
  • Filler for your lips
  • Collagen stimulating threads placed around the border to support, define and reduce lip lines
  • Tox for a lip flip



Over $175 in savings 

Make ‘em think you got 8 hours. (Even if you didn’t).

Platelet rich fibrin PRF), a component of your own blood, is rich in stem cells and, when placed in the under eyes will thicken the skin resulting in less creping as well as reduce under eye darkness. This, paired with filler to supporT the under eyes will make you look like you just got the best night sleep. 

This package combines: 
  • 2 rounds of PRF
  • 2 syringes to your undereyes and/or mid face for support and balance. 



Over $175 in savings 

Do you have migration? Lumps and bumps? Old filler? Or, sometimes we just need a fresh start. That's where this package comes into play.

You’ll get: 

  • Up to 2 sessions of dissolving 
  • Filler for the lips
  • Threads to stimulate collagen and strength to the lip border as well as define. 


Some of the best things take a little time. These products work best when done in a series of 3. 

Let's get optimal results and save! 


Sculptra - Series of 3 (6 vials in total):
$4500 savings of $600

Radiesse - Series of 3 (3 syringes in total): $1950 savings of $300

Kybella - Series of 3 (9 vials in total):
$500 savings of $800


Neuromodulators, toxin, tox - it goes by lots of names but it's all intended to prevent and correct wrinkle formation in areas where they are caused by muscle movement. Here at The Glow Lab we use Botox, Jeuveau and Dysport. They are all quite similar but also have their own unique properties we can use to tailor your results just for you.

You can use neuromodulators in your forehead, between your brows, crows feet, frown, chin in your neck and more. You can also use it to help TMJ, and stop underarm sweat.


Neuromodulators Pricing

New patient price: $9.50
Set Price: $11.00



New patient price: $9.50
Set price: $11.00


New patient price $3.10
Set Price: $4.00


*Dysport is reconstituted at a higher concentration. On average, an individual needs about 3 times the amount of units that would be used. Thus the reason for the price variation. It does not in any way, make one inferior to the other.

*New patient pricing is limited to once per lifetime.


We carry many different types of filler including the entire Juvederm portfolio, entire Restylane portfolio, and the Versa portfolio. There is no filler that is only indicated for one particular area.

If you are unsure of what you would like, that’s ok! We are here to give you all the information you need to help make the best choice for you.


Filler Pricing

Lips: $625+

Whether your goals are to be plumped, smoothed, hydrated, and/or supported. This is where to start. We can also reduce vertical lines around the mouth. Includes therapy for a pain-free experience!

cheeks: $1200+

The cheeks  balance your overall profile and play a big part in supporting your lower face. Starting here is excellent for reducing smile lines and far-reaching crow’s feet. Filler can also add beautiful contour. 

mid-face: $1599+

The mid-face encompasses the cheeks, the under eyes, the smile lines (nasolabial folds). This is a pivotal area for creating balance, structure, support, and overall natural results.

Smile Lines: $625+

The smile lines (Nasolabial Folds) can be softened by placing filler to reduce the depth of the lines. Typically it is recommended to treat the mid-face as well to support the skin.

Under eyes: $625+

Known as the tear troughs. Here you can diminish hollowing, and dark circles to leave you looking more smooth and refreshed. Most often a person needs a little midface support to produce the most natural results.


Lower Face: $1500+

Filler is used to soften lines around and turn up the corners of the mouth. Filler is also added to the jawline, the hollows of the chin, and to project the chin to produce a natural, well-supported, and balanced appearance.

Chin: $625+

Often overlooked, the chin can do wonders for balancing the lower face, improving your profile, and supporting to reduce jowling.

Temples: $1200+

Temple hollowing is commonly seen with age. Restoring volume in this area reduces the “peanut” shape, producing a more youthful appearance. Temple filler also helps with supporting the mid and lower face.

Jawline: $1800+

A strong jaw gives a beautiful profile. Adding volume to the jaw also, supports the lower face, reduces jowls, and lifts and supports the skin on the neck.

Dissolving: $250+

Old filler? Filler migration? Unhappy? Just want a fresh start? All hyaluronic-acid filler can be dissolved. Age, amount, brand, and more can all affect the number of sessions needed.


Not seeing what you’re looking for? Don’t worry there are lots more filler placement options like earlobes, hands, and other combinations we offer. Book a consultation to get a custom plan created for you. 


PDO Threads are dissolvable sutures that can be used to give a non-surgical lift. They can also be used to restore and build support for weak, crepey areas of skin. The threads dissolve over the course of the year leaving collagen in their place giving you benefits for up to 2 years. Comfort and safety are our top priority and we take many steps to ensure your treatment is as painless as possible and without complication.

The Glow Lab uses Mint PDO Threads. Mint is the only FDA-approved brand of PDO threads. Mint produces premium threads that yield lasting, natural, results making them the most sought-after in the industry.




Single lift: $1250+

Can be used for mid-face to reduce smile lines and heaviness.

Signature lift: $2500+

Includes both your mid and lower face for a full rejuvenation. Also includes a bundle of smoothing threads to improve strength in weak areas and reduce texture.

Ultimate Lift: $3250+

For maximum results this is it. This includes your mid and lower face, as well as your neck to lift, smooth, tighten and rejuvenate.

Neck Lift: $1250+

Lift and resupport loose skin on the neck, and smooth necklace lines.

Brow lift: $1250+

Lift your brows! Give them definition and help you look more awake.

Collagen stimulating - Small Areas: $300+

These little wonders can be used just about anywhere to provide strength and reduce lines. Small areas like frown lines, lip lines, vermillion border, and marionettes.

Lip line eraser and definition: $250+

Smoothing threads are designed to stimulate collagen and elastin smooth lines around the lips and support the vermillion border to add a little pop.

Other areas:

Threads are safe to place just about anywhere. And are highly recommended to use in combination with filler to produce an incredibly natural and beautiful result. Book a consultation to create a customized plan to suit your exact needs.

Collagen stimulating - Large Areas: $300+

Large areas include forehead lines, accordion lines, crows feet, and smile lines.


Sculptra is a unique injectable. It’s a biostimulator, not a traditional hyaluronic acid filler. Sculptra can be used to restore volume in hollow areas, it can be used to build tissue strength, and can also be used to smooth both superficial and deep lines. Because it is restoring collagen the process takes several weeks and is often achieved over a few visits. The results of Sculptra are extremely natural and can last 2- 3 years if not more.

Consult required prior to booking.


Sculptra Pricing

Single Treatment: $1600+

A single treatment includes 2 vials that can be used in the area of your choice.

Full Rejuvenation: $4500+ (Over $600 in savings!!)

It is recommended, to achieve optimal results, to receive 3 treatments, using 2 vials each treatment, spaced 30 days apart. (6 Vials Total)

Glow and Smooth: $850+

Sculptra can be used superficially to smooth and reduce the appearance of acne scarring and crepey skin. It will leave your skin with the most beautiful glow!

Other AREAS: 1600+

Sculptra can be used to naturally build bone structure like cheekbones, jawline and chin. It can also be used in the knees & elbows to tighten loose skin. 



Kybella is an FDA-approved treatment used to permanently destroy fat cells. This treatment is typically performed over three sessions until your goal is achieved. The body’s fat destruction process takes about 4-6 weeks to complete. The treatment is fairly quick and painless, and downtime only lasts a few days. Kybella can be used to reduce a “double chin”,  a “bra bulge”,  jowls in the face, inner thighs, and a “banana roll”.

Consult required prior to booking.


Kybella Pricing


Single Treatment: $2000+

A single treatment includes up to 3 vials for a single area.

Full Treatment: $5000+ 

Optimal results are achieved using up to 3 vials per session over 3 sessions. Sessions are spaced 30 days apart.

Single Vial/Touch-up: $500+

A single vial for touch ups in previously treated areas.


Radiesse is a one-of-a-kind injectable filler that provides both immediate, natural-looking results with the addition of volume as well providing long-term improvement by increasing collagen and elastin for more than a year or more in many patients. 

Collagen and elastin both contribute to the skin’s strength and elasticity. Unfortunately, aging and environmental factors (think sun damage) make it harder for your body to produce these components. Reduced amounts of collagen and elastin can cause facial skin to wrinkle and sag, stealing from your youthful appearance. Radiesse can be used in almost any area where you desire an improvement in your skin strength and/or your facial volume. It works beautifully to help rebuild cheeks and jawline as well as smooth out crepey neck and decollete skin. 


Radiesse Pricing

Single Syringe: $750+

One Syringe to be used in the area of your choosing.

Cheek Volumization and strengthening: $1400+

Reduce hollowing, improve skin texture, strength and overall appearance as well as add volume along your cheekbones. Starting price includes 2 syringes. 

Jawline Sculpting: $2100+

Define and sculpt your jawline. Starting price includes 2 syringes.

Neck and DECOLLETAGE Smoothing: $1250+

Improve skin tightness, and reduce crepiness on the neck and decollete. Starting price includes 2 syringes.

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Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is an autologous (from your own body) blood component rich in growth factors that have been proven to stimulate collagen and elastin in areas where it is injected. The increase in collagen and elastin improves skin texture and tone and naturally tighter, thicker, more glowing skin. This is an ideal product to use in the delicate under eye area where dark circles or crepey skin may be a problem. PRF is also used to stimulate hair growth when injected into the scalp. 

*This treatment involves a blood draw. Adequate hydration 24 hours prior to your appointment is necessary. 



PRF Pricing

1 session: $459+

Includes two vials. 

Option 2: $1150+

 Series of 3 treatments

Vitamin b-12

Vitamin B12 is best absorbed via IM injection. This vitamin provides a boost in energy. It also aids in the improvement of mood and hormone imbalances and boosts the immune system.



B-12 Pricing

B12 Single:

New Patient pricing eligible once per lifetime*: $10
Set price: $15

B-12 Package: $100

10 doses. Can be done a minimum of 1 week apart.

weight loss

Medical Weight Loss with Semaglutide or Tirzepatide

Your weight loss journey starts with a medical assessment by our Nurse Practitioner. This may include diagnosis and labs to determine eligibility. If eligible, you will be prescribed the medication that is most appropriate for you. Medical monitoring reassessments are done monthly by our providers to ensure efficacy and safety while taking the medication. 

Semaglutide and Tirzepatide can both be used for medically assisted weight loss. This once-weekly injection works by increasing insulin secretion which helps reduce the amount of sugar absorbed by your body. In addition, it increases the hormones usually released when eating to help you feel full sooner and stay full longer. This medication, unlike all other diet medications on the market, has a very low side-effect profile and has few contraindications. Patients on Tirzepitide typically loose between 20- 30% of their body weight within 3-6 months. Patients on Semaglutide typically lose between 10-15% of their body weight within 6 months.


tirzepatide Pricing


tirzepatide MEMBERSHIP: $400*

*Our Tirzepatide membership uses tiered pricing that is based upon your dosage amount. 

Our Medical Weight loss program is a monthly membership. This membership includes all necessary supplies as well as 4 weeks of medication each month. Our program is designed to be done from the convenience of your own home. 

Membership can be canceled any time with 30 days notice. 

Semaglutide Pricing


Semaglutide MEMBERSHIP: $300

Our Medical Weight loss program is a monthly membership. This membership includes all necessary supplies as well as 4 weeks of medication each month. Our program is designed to be done from the convenience of your own home. 

Membership can be canceled any time with 30 days notice. 



Sanitas, uses a tribe of actives to address skin health from every possible angle. It targets your skin’s primary concern with an entourage of ingredients that work in concert to magnify the therapeutic benefits. In fact, some of our products contain up to 39 active ingredients.

Your skin craves ingredients that it understands. That’s why all Sanitas products feature ingredients already present in your body. Our non-toxic formulas are pharmaceutical grade and don't cut corners, using clinical dosages to ensure maximum results.

PCA SKIN® has been and continues to be a trusted innovator in the development of highly effective professional treatments and daily care products.

Their vision is to improve people’s lives by providing results-oriented skin care solutions that are backed by science for the health of your unique skin.



Skincare is key to enhancing your aesthetic treatments. It is the “tablecloth on the table”. And should be treated with as much importance as our other anti-aging treatments. We know that there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to skincare. The Glow Lab offers two of their favorite skin care lines Sanitas and PCA Skin.