The Glow Lab aims to be unique from other typical med spas. This is not just a med spa, it's a self-care lab. A place where body positivity and acceptance are our lifeblood. Where your own beauty is celebrated and there is no fear of being transformed into something unrecognizable. This is a judgment-free, accepting, and safe space. A space where your beautiful light can glow and flourish. Located in Gilbert Arizona.

Welcome Friend. Stay Awhile. Let's Glow. 


More Than a Med Spa

We are not “selling beauty“ or “making you beautiful”. We are here to make sure that you know you are already beautiful inside and out and want you to love the skin you’re in. We believe it’s ok to both love yourself and want to enhance yourself. And whatever that may look like, we are here to support you in embracing that journey.

We are honored you have allowed us into your life and are here to achieve your goals so your inner and outer glow shine. Whatever they may be.

this is a self love lab

It’s hard to know where to start and what is right for you. Choosing the right injector, the right service, the right product, etc. can all be overwhelming. This is why I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation where we will sit down together and create a custom anti-aging plan just for you.

Don't know where to start?



Allison St. John

founder & chief glow giver

Allison’s love for skin, beauty, and all things aesthetics goes back 20+ years to when she started out as an esthetician. 11+ years ago she moved to nursing where, for the last 7 years she has found her true passion, aesthetic injecting. 

This passion has pushed her to create The Glow Lab, a dreamchild come to life where you will find her in the perpetual pursuit of self-improvement, chasing down every training she can get her hands on, practicing the highest level of safety standards, and seeking to hold tight to her vision: to create an authentic space where all feel welcome, beautiful, and aesthetics feel attainable to everyone. 

FUN FACTS: Allison started a rock collection as a little girl and has been collecting ever since. She spent the first half of her childhood on the west coast and the second half on the east coast. She has two children and a soulmate whom she can’t live without. Her favorite aesthetic treatment to give (and get!) is cheek filler.